(Exhibition text in English)

’The thing about patterns is that there has to be a sense of spontaneity left in them, no matter how long you spend working on them.’ 

The inspiration for Sven Fristedt’s imaginative world of patterns comes from travels, other artists, and things that surround him. Humour is another important element. Fristedt has lots of little sketches that he comes back to when designing a pattern. He combines drawings and makes collages or sketches into larger sections. Throughout his collections, there are fabrics that complement each other. Simple, monochrome stripes or chequered patterns offset all the florals.

Early on, Sven Fristedt learnt to deliver what the production industry needed. He prepares all mock-ups to scale, 120-150 cm wide, adjusted to the width of the fabric and the repeat size. This ability, in combination with his great artistic talent, paved the way for Fristedt’s successes in the textile industry.