Staff distributing food to female former concentration camp prisoners in the sports arena (Idrottshallen) in Lund. Written on the back of the photograph in ink: ’Lund May 1945 Aurella has helped herself’. Photo: EW Fischer, from the Kulturen collections.

The walking tour In the Footsteps of Survivors takes you to seven places, each with a different story of how Nazism and the Second World War left traces in Lund. In 1943, Danish Jews sought protection in Lund from occupied Denmark, and in 1945 thousands of liberated prisoners from concentration camps in Europe arrived. Listen to some of their stories in the Storyspot app!

The walking tour is based on the unique archive and collections of Kulturen in Lund. Some of the material is on display in the exhibition ‘To Survive – Voices from Ravensbrück’.

In the Storyspot app, you can listen to seven stories connected to seven locations in Lund. The whole tour takes a little over an hour, but you may of course choose to only visit some of the locations, or to listen from home. In the app, you will also find photographs and some further reading.

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Photo below:
The first images of the victims of the Holocaust reached Swedish cinemas in May 1945, when the documentary film Vittnesbördet [The Testimony] was released. It had been filmed on the arrival of the White Buses in Malmö. In the centre of the photo below, a still from the film, you can see Maria Zurowska Kurowska, supported by a fellow prisoner and a volunteer. Her first home in Sweden was a quarantine facility in Lund, and she ended up remaining in Lund for the rest of her life. You can hear more about Maria Zurowska Kurowska in the story ‘Refugee unknown at The North Cemetery”, one of the seven stories of the walking tour In the Footsteps of Survivors. Photo: Gustav Boge/from SVT Arkiv.

Photo: Gustaf Boge, from the film Vittnesbördet [The Testimony], borrowed from SVT Arkiv.


The project has been implemented with a grant from Kulturrådet (Swedish Arts Council)

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