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The Electrified Home

The coal and oil shortage during World War I drives the development of Sweden’s electrical grid. In the 1920s, it extends through a large part of the country. In 1927, the Association for the Rational Use of Electricity (FERA) is founded by the electric power industry. Its objective is to encourage Swedes to consume more electricity by adopting technical innovations such as electric cookers, refrigerators and various electrical household appliances. However, progress is slow. One in ten Swedish households is still without electricity in 1938.

A few objects

The Swedish company Elektrolux is founded in 1919 and manufactures electrical household appliances on an industrial-scale. Right from the start, the company’s easy-to-use vacuum cleaners are a success, and in 1925, Elektrolux starts producing and selling refrigerators. The company has factories in the UK, France and Germany. The German AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft) company is a competitor.  In 1929, AEG launches its ’Vampire’ vacuum cleaner with the help of French star Edmonde Guy and a slogan: Lady – yet housewife.

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