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A Desire to Travel

During the 1920s, the tourism industry shifts its focus from cultural education to sensory recreation. The sun and beaches of France and Italy attract those who can afford it. Exotic destinations and different means of transport are advertised using posters in the new art deco style. Regular domestic and international flights are launched, and Sweden’s three largest cities establish their own airports in the early 1920s. Those who have the funds can experience a luxury trip across the Atlantic on board one of the Swedish America Line’s ships or the Graf Zeppelin airship.

A few objects

Cameras are getting smaller and cheaper. The folding Kodak Vest Pocket Model B, launched in 1925, easily fits in your pocket. The Pathé-Baby camera is one of the first cine-cameras for making home videos. People who do not take their own pictures can buy ready-made packs of tourist photographs.

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