Knivskaft i elfenben som föreställer en kvinna med falk. Daterad till mitten av 1300-talet, troligen tillverkad i en fransk verkstad. Framgrävd i Lund i början av 1890-talet. Foto: Jessica Ljung, Kulturen.

Metropolis – Lund and the Middle Ages reopened 18 February 2023, redesigned and updated.

On display is a wealth of objects which Kulturen’s archaeologists have unearthed in Lund over the past 130 years. The exhibition tells the story of Lund, a city in the kingdom of Denmark, and its rise as a key religious centre that held sway over the whole church province of Scandinavia. In the Middle Ages, Lund had the most churches of any city in Scandinavia, and it was where the archbishop – the metropolitan – had his seat. The exhibition has a thematic approach to medieval culture, and we have added new objects and updated the exhibition labels in light of current knowledge.

Many professions moved to the city to meet the demand for goods and skilled workers. The ‘Working in the City’ room has four new short films about several of those trades: spinning and weaving, shoemaking, cutler craft and carpenter craft.

The thematic story is complemented by two audio-visual presentations of Lund’s chronological history from before it was founded and covering the events which shaped it, starting in the late 900s and ending in 1679. Lund became a Swedish city in 1658, after several wars between Denmark and Sweden in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.