The Grocer's Shop – Hökeriet – and the street leading down to Kulturen in Lund.
The Grocer's Shop – Hökeriet – and the street leading down to Kulturen in Lund. Photo: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen

Grocer’s Shop (Hökeriet)

Interior from Hökeriet, a grocers shop from the turn of the last century.
Hökeriet is a museum and a shop, that brings to life a local shop from the turn of the last century. Photo: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen

The Grocer’s Shop (Hökeriet) brings to life a local shop as it would have looked around the turn of the last century, including shelves packed with goods in old-style packaging. Here you can buy a range of old-style wares and enjoy coffee, waffles and cakes and pastries in the mini café.

Address: Sankt Annegatan 9, Lund, Sweden

Opening hours: Closed 18 June–17 August 2018
Ordinarily Saturdays & Sundays, 12 PM–4 PM.

Admission fee: Free admission

The Museum of Life (Livets museum)

Guide från Sydsvenska medicinhistoriska sällskapet hr visning på Livets museum.
Museum of Life. Photo: Viveca Ohlsson

The Museum of Life is a museum of medical history that focuses on how our bodies work. It includes displays about important advances in medicine that have been made in Lund (such as in dialysis and the development of respirators), all in an interactive, modern exhibition that encourages your active involvement.

Address: Lasarettsgatan 7, Lund, Sweden

Opening hours: Closed 22 June–30 Juli 2018.
Ordinarily Tuesday–Thursday, 10 AM–2 PM, and some Sundays and Thursday evenings.

Admission fee: Free admission

The Tegnér Museum (Tegnérmuseet)

Interiör från Tegnérmuseet.
Photo: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen

Esaias Tegnér (1782-1846) was one of Sweden’s most important writers and poets of his generation. He was also a professor at Lund University for a period, during which time his family lived in a half-timbered house on the street Stora Gråbrödersgatan. We have recreated Tegnér’s home inside the museum using original furnishings and various mementos associated with Tegnér.

Address: Stora Gråbrödersgatan 11, Lund, Sweden

Opening hours summer 2018: 
June, July and August
Saturdays 1 PM–3 PM, (closed 23 June, Midsummer Day)

Admission fee: Ordinarily SEK 20, free on some days

Museum of Medical History in Hbg
(Medicinhistoriska museet i Hbg)

Från utställningen Tro, hopp och hälsa på Medicinhistoriska museet i Helsingborg.
Photo: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen

The Museum of Medical History in Helsingborg houses the exhibition Faith, Hope & Health (Swedish: Tro, hopp och hälsa). The exhibition explores our perceptions of health – what we define as healthy or ill – and how these perceptions have changed over time. By delving into Helsingborg’s own medical history, we investigate the connections between health, illness and society.

Address: Bergaliden 20, Helsingborg, Sweden

Opening hours: Closed 29 June–1 August.
Ordinarily Tuesday, 10 AM–2 PM and Thursday, 1 PM–5 PM

Admission fee: Free admission

The Norlind Museum (Norlindmuseet)

Interior from The Norlind Museum
The Norlind Museum. Photo: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen

The Norlind Museum is a part of Borgeby Manor in Lomma. Hanna Larsdotter inherited Borgeby Manor (Borgeby slott) from her mother at the close of the 19th century. Together with her husband, artist and writer Ernst Norlind, Larsdotter turned Borgeby Manor into a renowned centre for the arts. Today, the manor house’s gate tower houses a museum that tells the story of the Norlinds’ personal and artistic life together. The exhibition includes Ernst Norlind’s former studio and gallery.

Address: Borgeby Slottsväg 13, SE-237 91, Bjärred, Sweden

Opening hours 2018:
5 May–17 June
Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM–4 PM

28 June–2 September
Thursday to Sunday, 11 AM–4 PM

8 September–30 September
Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM–4 PM

Admission fee: Free admission