Gamlegård and its garden
Gamlegård and its garden Photo: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen

The garden surrounding Gamlegård is maintained in the spirit of Hanna Jöns Persson (1850-1922), who had a great interest in gardens.

The farm of Gamlegård where inherited by Hanna from her mother Bengta who passed away 1885. Hanna married the peasant Jöns Persson who was 11 years younger than Hanna in the year of 1886. They didn’t get any children of their own and maybe that is why Hanna laid all her love and time in her work with the garden.

But the garden Hanna planned and set up does not reassemble what is displayed here today. A garden cannot be preserved; it is in constant change! The flower beds in the ornamental garden is – to their shape – the same, but the amount of boxwood hedges are far greater than in the days of Hanna. This goes for the amount of flowers as well, though we know that Hanna loved flowers.

Even though much has changed in the garden since the museum started to take care of it, the feeling still lingers on – that special feeling of harmony and spirit. We think it is the spirit of Hanna which keeps on living and growing in her garden.

Visitors in the garden a day in May
Visitors in the garden a day in May Photo: Viveca Ohlsson, Kulturen
Gamlegård's garden in late August.
Gamlegård’s garden in late August. Photo: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen
Bees are attracted to the garden and the landscape around Kulturen's Östarp.
Bees are attracted to the garden and the landscape around Kulturen’s Östarp. Photo: Kristina Bakran/Kulturen
Beautiful orange flowers in the garden
Photo: Jessica Ljung/Kulturen
Flowers and greens in front of Gamlegård
Photo: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen
Flowers in front of Gamlegård
Flowers in front of Gamlegård- Photo: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen