Haymaking at Kulturens Östarp
Haymaking at Kulturens Östarp. Photo: Jessica Ljung/Kulturen

Our summer programme includes a range of theme days. The guided tours on these days are in Swedish, but there is still a lot you can enjoy!

Mother’s Day at Kulturen’s Östarp

Sunday 27 May 11.00–16.00

A special day out in nature to celebrate mothers everywhere!

With birdwatching and an introduction to the farm animals for our younger visitors as well as insight into how life was for a farmer’s wife during the 1800s, our Mother’s Day program has something for everyone.

Complete your visit with a picnic on the rolling hills of Östarp or enjoy a tasty lunch at the Östarp Inn.


11.00–12.00 Birdwatching for children – we’ll try to spot storks and other birds

13.00–13-30 Guided tour of our traditionally bred farm animals (in Swedish)

13.00–14.00 Birdwatching for children – we’ll try to spot storks and other birds

14.00–14.30 Guided tour: what was life like for a 19th century farmer’s wife? (In Swedish)

Free admission. Gamlegård is open to the public between 11:00–16:00.

Wildflower Day

Sunday 17 June 11.00–11.30, Gamelgård open 11.00–16.00

Join us for a guided nature walk (in Swedish) through the sandy landscape of Östarp where wild flowers make their home. Walk starts at Gamlegård at 11:00 and will take approximately 30 minutes

The Wildflower Day is organised by the Swedish Botanical Association and shines a light on the many wildflowers that grow all over the country. Hundreds of wildflower activities take place on the same day each year, with this being the first time that Kulturen’s Östarp takes part.

Gamlegård is open 11.00–16.00. Free admission.

Midsummer at Kulturen’s Östarp

Friday 22 June 12.00–17.00

Celebrate a traditional midsummer in the countryside with us!

Program for the day:

12.00–17.00 Gamlegård är öppen

13.00-13.30 Join a guided tour of the meadow and hear the story about the tradition of collecting seven types of flower for midsummer. (In Swedish).

14.00–15.30 Celebrations round the maypole begin, including a performance with accompanying games for children by the Tornabygden folkdance association. (Arranged by the Östarp Inn)

15.00–17.00 Have a go at making your own grass wreath

16.00–16.30 Guided tour of Gamlegård (in Swedish)

Free admission. Parking costs 20 SEK, with all proceeds going to Veberöd’s not-for-profit youth football association (AIF).

Haymaking at Kulturen’s Östarp

Sunday 29 June 11.00–16.00

Time for the haymaking to begin at Östarp!

Head out for a day in the countryside, learn about the essential farming process of making hay in the 19th century and have a go yourself! Bring a picnic or treat yourself to a meal at the Östarp Inn while you’re there.


11.00–15.00 Demonstration of scythe sharpening, cutting and gathering of hay onto hayracks

12.00–13.00 Guided tour of Östarp’s insects (for children, in Swedish)

14.00–14.30 Guided tour of Gamlegård (in Swedish)

Free admission. Gamlegård is open to the public between 11.00–16.00

The Östarp Day

Sunday 19 August 11.00–16.00

A day at a traditional Scanian farm celebrating life as it would have been in the 19th century!

As the summer season draws to a close, we invite you to enjoy a day filled with guided tours, traditional craftmanship and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Full program to follow shortly, so do keep an eye on this page!

Pay with cash this day

Tickets cost 60 SEK for adults and can be purchased at the entrance on the day (only cash!) Free admission for ages 0-18 as well as members of Kulturen (a valid membership card must be shown at the entrance).

Please bring cash if you want to make purchases at the market!