Anna Bauer i utställningen. Foto: Jessica Ljung, Kulturen

Anna Bauer is known for her inspirational books on “hönsestrik” as well as her unerring, often tongue-in-cheek, expressions in textile art. This temporary exhibition invites the viewer to explore a selection of her works in different techniques and her creative process.

”Hönsestrik” is a method of knitting distinguished by its colourful patterns, often punctuated by personal symbols and political messaging. The exhibition features several examples of ”hönsestrik”, including clothing, corona masks and decorative, wall-mounted shields. Also on display are a variety of embroidered works and peculiar textile creatures.

As the viewer moves through the space, they see the many different methods and forms of artistic expression that shape Anna Bauer’s world. Her own texts about the creative process are supplemented by brief historical facts about textile techniques.

“It was my childminder who taught me to knit when I was seven, but it wasn’t until I discovered “Hönsestrik” that knitting took a serious hold of me. I think it’s the unpredictable that appeals to me, to have so many new patterns and colours to choose from. I can become completely obsessed by a project when I’m in it, but as soon as it’s finished it’s no longer important; it’s the doing that’s the best part of the journey.”

Knitstart my heart – Anna Bauer has its roots in punk as well as traditional crafts. The exhibition shifts perspectives in an attempt to capture that which is fragile, incomprehensible and evasive.

Entrance through The Ystad House, on the North Area. On view until 15 January 2023.