Foto: Jacob Nilsson


Who is the most important person in your life? What do you dream of? What are you afraid of? Do you have any superpowers? If you could wish for anything, what would it be?

Come and see the performance Hope, by and with youth from Ukraine and Sweden. A performing arts piece about dreams, escape, hope, sorrow, and optimism for the future.

In a short and intense process, a group of Ukrainian and Swedish youth have worked together with Theater InterAkt to create a 30-minute mini performing arts piece for the exhibition Moving on. In the process, the youth have written texts and developed stage materials that engage with, comment on, and bring to life the themes of the Moving on exhibition, particularly its video interviews with other Ukrainian children and youth about war, peace, friendship, superheroes, and much more.

Meet the youth in a visually rich and interactive performing arts piece that captures emotions and thoughts about having to leave everything behind and being forced into a new reality. Can we create space together for dreams of the future?

Performances during the exhibition period