Kulturen in Lund is open as usual, but we have adapted our program of events to the current situation. The number of participants at events are limited to a maximum of 50. We follow the authority’s recommendations for reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

Kulturen adheres to the ”50 rule”…

On March 27, the Swedish government passed a regulation banning public meetings and events with more than 50 participants. The regulation The regulation took effect on March 29.

… and follows the Association of Swedish Museums’ recommendations

The Association of Swedish Museums’ assessment is that museums’ public activities are subject to the 50 rule. Their recommendation is that museums may not gather more than 50 people at one time. This includes the museum’s own staff in public-facing environments such as guides, checkout staff etc. For open-air museums or similar venues this recommendation applies where visitors are gathered in indoor event spaces.

Kulturen continues to follow the recommendations as they are updated by the responsible authorities and will review these on a daily basis.

Kulturen is open as usual

Kulturen in Lund is open as usual, but we have adapted our programme of events. The number of participants at events/activities are limited to a maximum of 50, including our staff. In the current situation, with a significantly smaller number of visitors than usual, we do not need to limit the number of visitors admitted to the museum. There is plenty of space to spread out in the open-air museum and in our 20 exhibitions.

We ask you as a visitor to keep your distance from other visitors. If there are many visitors when you come to an exhibition or a house in the open-air museum, we ask you to go ahead and look at something else for a while, and then come back.

More frequent cleaning of surfaces

Areas that are particularly exposed and often in contact with hands, such as handrails and door handles, are cleaned more frequently. We spray surfaces in the entrance/museum shop, for the safety of both visitors and our staff.

Flu or cold symptoms? Stay at home

Our staff follow the recommendations of the public health authorities and will stay at home if they experience any cold or flu symptoms. In the interest of everybody’s safety we kindly ask our visitors to do the same.

Updated 21 July 2020