Kulturen in Lund is open as usual and follows the regulations that apply regarding the risk of spreading the Corona Virus (covid-19). We will adapt our program of events as the current situation develops. Keep up to date with our events calendar.

Kulturen adheres to the ”50 rule”…

On March 27, the Swedish government passed a regulation banning public meetings and events with more than 50 participants. The regulation The regulation took effect on March 29.

… and follows the Association of Swedish Museums’ recommendations

The Association of Swedish Museums’ assessment is that museums’ public activities are subject to the 50 rule. Their recommendation is that museums may not gather more than 50 people at one time. This includes the museum’s own staff in public-facing environments such as guides, checkout staff etc. For open-air museums or similar venues this recommendation applies where visitors are gathered in indoor event spaces.

Kulturen is open as usual

In practice, this means that Kulturen in Lund is open as usual but that there will be changes to our scheduled program of activities. For example, our traditional Maundy Thursday celebration (Skärtorsdagsfirande) on Thursday 9 April is cancelled during the Easter holidays, as are all family workshops. Storytelling about folkloric Easter traditions for children will be held outdoors with the number of participants limited to 15. These changes are in accordance with recommendations issued by the Association of Swedish Museums. We will continue to adapt our program of events so that guided tours are held outdoors where possible and the number of participants per activity is reduced.

Changes affecting our events will be updated on our events calendar at www.kulturen.com/program.

Kulturen continues to follow the recommendations as they are updated by the responsible authorities and will review these on a daily basis.

Flu or cold symptoms? Stay at home

Our staff follow the recommendations of the public health authorities and will stay at home if they experience any cold or flu symptoms. In the interest of everybody’s safety we kindly ask our visitors to do the same.

Updated 30 March 2020